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sexHaving a casual encounter with an escort can be rewarding in its own way. As long as both parties have agreed on the type of services and how they will proceed with it, there should be no problems at all upon reaching the hotel room. Safe sex remains a priority in these situations, no matter how attractive or clean the escort may look like. The chance of acquiring STD’s is high for this type of trade, and so below we highlight the ways on how to have safe sex with an escort.

Using a condom is the first and foremost reminder when having sex, whether or not the girl is a casual hook-up or an escort. The protection it gives is crucial to not acquiring infections and other sexually transmitted diseases. Even if the temptation is too great or if the girl looks very clean (even if shaven and all smells fine down there), this must not be bypassed by all means. Vaginal discharge may not be present, as the woman may simply be asymptomatic with her own infection. Condom usage should be obvious when you see a different or weird discharge from the vagina. It really doesn’t matter what the brand is, or what type. Proper usage of a condom really counts as this prevents transmittal of infections and diseases by 98%.

Oral sex is also inadvisable to do to sex workers. Oral infections are common, specially herpes, HPV or Human Pappiloma Virus, and genital warts. penile oral sex is fine as long as you wear a condom, but vaginal oral sex is a complete no-no for this situation. Fingering the lady would be a good alternative to oral sex, but remember to wash your hands thoroughly before touching your own penis or even your own lips for that matter. Also watch out for blisters, mouth sores and the like before kissing, as mouth to mouth infections can occur as well. Should you also have mouth sores, or if the girl has them as well, again, avoid kissing.
Once you have done all safety precautions before and during sex, specially the proper removal of the condom, always remember to wash your genital parts properly, using anti-bacterial soap and other cleansing agents gentle to these parts. Do not forget to urinate as well, as this washes out all remaining fluids that may enter the penis. By following all these tips, you can ensure that your sexual encounter will be safe and enjoyable with the escort, and allow you to have peace of mind after the deed is done.

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