Mistakes That Could Hurt One’s Sex Life in Their 30s

Most people find themselves overly excited about their sex life when in their thirties. It is at this age most people are at the peak of their sex life, but this does not mean that their sex life will be free from challenges and mistakes. That said, this article highlights a few mistakes observed or made by most adults in their thirties and how they can be remedied.

Entertaining Lazy Sexcuddling on a mat

Entertaining lazy sex is a typical sex mistake at the age of 30s. Ideally, this trend leads to a decline in sexual motivation. Instant pleasure from sex itself characterizes lazy sex. Laziness in bed means that things such as passionate kissing and sensual touches are overlooked. To overcome this behavior, you should always create time for sex.

Worrying About a Possible Decline in Sexual Desire

Another mistake among many people in the age bracket of their 30s is worrying too much about the possibility of losing their sexual stamina. Ideally, it is normal to have a diminished sexual desire as one gets old. Therefore, this should not be a cause of worry since there is something that can be done remedy the situation.

Ignoring Sex After Child Birth

Most couples tend to forget they had a sex life after having their first child. They end up giving all their attention to their new gift at the expense of their sex life. It is okay, but ideally, it should not deny you time to connect with your spouse. As a fact, you should give your relationship a priority or risk losing it. Try to nature your love life and create time for bonding. More to this, be concerned about your partner’s sexual needs.

woman on fireBeing Too Serious

If you take sex seriously, it is okay, but not to the point that you cannot play or have fun when making love. It is essential to take sex as a fun moment. Failure to this, you can end up criticizing yourself or even your partner. As a tip, you should embrace different sex types and set in your mind that sex is a conceptual play that involves receiving and giving pleasure.

Tolerating Painful Sexual Intercourse

Some women tend to have painful intercourse experiences after bearing children. The problem sets in when they consider it wise to satisfy their partners and endure the pain. In extreme cases, some women will fear sex or even avoid it entirely. If you are facing this problem, it is advisable to have a pelvic floor physical therapy session. This way, sex will be an enjoyable rather than a painful experience.

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