Best Sex Positions For Women

womMany women often do not have information on the best sex positions that fits them when having sex with their partners. However, with correct information, they can always learn on what to do thus enabling them to improve their sexual relationships. Here are the five best sex positions for women:

  1. Women on top position

In this sex position, a woman should go on top of the man where she gets to control the speed and how deep she need the man to do when having sex. One advantage of this sex position is that the woman will often have control over the man during sex. It also allows the woman to “ride” the man during sex at her own speed. Research has shown that 80 percent who have used this sex position have always reached their orgasm.

  1. Sideways Straddle

Sideways Straddle is a bit complicated but with practice, it is a perfect position that will make a woman have her orgasm faster than before. How should you do it> Have the man lie on his back with his feet flat all on the ground. A woman should crouch over the man, with her legs in between his legs. This will enable her to lower herself gently to your knees before using the hand to guide the man’s penis inside herself. With practice, this is an amazing sex position that would blow the mind of a woman.

  1. Doggy style doggy

An animalistic style of having sex, but it works perfectly. A man should enter the woman from behind by guiding his penis into the pussy of the woman. This sex position gives the man freedom to move at his own speed when having sex. This sex position is perfect especially when you need the woman to have orgasm faster.

  1. The Bridge position

You need start from the common missionary position before the woman moving her legs towards her breasts. It makes the G-spot to be in a good position for maximum stimulation. When done with practice and care, the position can a give a woman a strong G-spot orgasm.

  1. Missionary

Despite many people calling it old tradition, when practices well, Missionary is still among the best sex positions for women. Since the man is on top, he has the power to control the rate and speed at which the woman is getting the pleasure.pos2

In conclusion, the above are the best five sex positions for women especially when you need them to experience orgasm.

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