5 secrets of foreplay before sex

Sex is a very spicy but wide topic depending on the subtopic you are willing to cover. The key players in this very intimate session have to be at the peak of their emotions. Not to mention the fact that each has to be in the mood to get intimate. Those engaging in sex for the very first time may not realize or experience the ride to the core. For this reason, it takes time for them to learn what is required for them to do it right. Not to worry, foreplay is our topic of discussion. This piece will explore deeply the 5 secrets of foreplay that you should muster. Turn some slow romantic music on and get on with it.

Secrets of foreplay before sex

Gentle kisses

dsfsdfsdfsdfsdfdfgYou shouldn’t do it as though you were patting your dog. This is your mate to make them yield to the call of your passionate call. If your mate is a bit too tired from the day’s activities, start by massaging them. Once they are relaxed, begin to kiss them on the neck gently. It should be sort of you are touching their skin with your lips.

You can almost feel the rush of adrenaline on their veins. This is the sound of them saying, ‘it’s time to go deeper. However, not just yet, the sex will become boring. Keep them yearning for you more and more.

Aggressive caresses

Now that they are in the mood for sex, caress them in all the right places. For the men, ladies are turned on when their breasts are cupped then kissed passionately. Do this as you whisper sweet nothings into her ear. If she was defiant to your sexual appeal at first, you’ll see her melting like butter in your arms.
Ladies, try the same for your man only that you can touch them sensually around the groins. At this rate, you must both be sweating and yearning to get into each other’s pants. It still doesn’t end there.

Seductively undress

fdgdfgdfg8678678I take it that both of you still have something on. This is the point where you tease each other. Keep the other guessing what you are set to do next. Your body should be in the right rhythm with that of the music playing. Temperatures are rising, and you are now on fire.

Remove what is left of your clothing as you seductively move to the beat of the music playing.

Rubber up

If both of you are not after the same motive which is to start a family, rubber up. Put on a condom as you are both ready to press play.

The main course

After having partaken of all the above secrets, you are both ready to eat each other up. You’ve waited for so long and are set for the magical ride of the night. You should both relax as you wait for nature to take its course.

If the man is the one to surprise his lady, he already knows that she is under his spell. As for the lady, this is not the time to hold back, she should submit. This is to say that she should totally let herself go.

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