Mistakes That Could Hurt One’s Sex Life in Their 30s


Most people find themselves overly excited about their sex life when in their thirties. It is at this age most people are at the peak of their sex life, but this does not mean that their sex life will be free from challenges and mistakes. That said, this article highlights a few mistakes observed or made by most adults in their thirties and how they can be remedied.

Entertaining Lazy Sexcuddling on a mat

Entertaining lazy sex is a typical sex mistake at the age of 30s. Ideally, this trend leads to a decline in sexual motivation. Instant pleasure from sex itself characterizes lazy sex. Laziness in bed means that things such as passionate kissing and sensual touches are overlooked. To overcome this behavior, you should always create time for sex.

Worrying About a Possible Decline in Sexual Desire

Another mistake among many people in the age bracket of their 30s is worrying too much about the possibility of losing their sexual stamina. Ideally, it is normal to have a diminished sexual desire as one gets old. Therefore, this should not be a cause of worry since there is something that can be done remedy the situation.

Ignoring Sex After Child Birth

Most couples tend to forget they had a sex life after having their first child. They end up giving all their attention to their new gift at the expense of their sex life. It is okay, but ideally, it should not deny you time to connect with your spouse. As a fact, you should give your relationship a priority or risk losing it. Try to nature your love life and create time for bonding. More to this, be concerned about your partner’s sexual needs.

woman on fireBeing Too Serious

If you take sex seriously, it is okay, but not to the point that you cannot play or have fun when making love. It is essential to take sex as a fun moment. Failure to this, you can end up criticizing yourself or even your partner. As a tip, you should embrace different sex types and set in your mind that sex is a conceptual play that involves receiving and giving pleasure.

Tolerating Painful Sexual Intercourse

Some women tend to have painful intercourse experiences after bearing children. The problem sets in when they consider it wise to satisfy their partners and endure the pain. In extreme cases, some women will fear sex or even avoid it entirely. If you are facing this problem, it is advisable to have a pelvic floor physical therapy session. This way, sex will be an enjoyable rather than a painful experience.

5 secrets of foreplay before sex


Sex is a very spicy but wide topic depending on the subtopic you are willing to cover. The key players in this very intimate session have to be at the peak of their emotions. Not to mention the fact that each has to be in the mood to get intimate. Those engaging in sex for the very first time may not realize or experience the ride to the core. For this reason, it takes time for them to learn what is required for them to do it right. Not to worry, foreplay is our topic of discussion. This piece will explore deeply the 5 secrets of foreplay that you should muster. Turn some slow romantic music on and get on with it.

Secrets of foreplay before sex

Gentle kisses

dsfsdfsdfsdfsdfdfgYou shouldn’t do it as though you were patting your dog. This is your mate to make them yield to the call of your passionate call. If your mate is a bit too tired from the day’s activities, start by massaging them. Once they are relaxed, begin to kiss them on the neck gently. It should be sort of you are touching their skin with your lips.

You can almost feel the rush of adrenaline on their veins. This is the sound of them saying, ‘it’s time to go deeper. However, not just yet, the sex will become boring. Keep them yearning for you more and more.

Aggressive caresses

Now that they are in the mood for sex, caress them in all the right places. For the men, ladies are turned on when their breasts are cupped then kissed passionately. Do this as you whisper sweet nothings into her ear. If she was defiant to your sexual appeal at first, you’ll see her melting like butter in your arms.
Ladies, try the same for your man only that you can touch them sensually around the groins. At this rate, you must both be sweating and yearning to get into each other’s pants. It still doesn’t end there.

Seductively undress

fdgdfgdfg8678678I take it that both of you still have something on. This is the point where you tease each other. Keep the other guessing what you are set to do next. Your body should be in the right rhythm with that of the music playing. Temperatures are rising, and you are now on fire.

Remove what is left of your clothing as you seductively move to the beat of the music playing.

Rubber up

If both of you are not after the same motive which is to start a family, rubber up. Put on a condom as you are both ready to press play.

The main course

After having partaken of all the above secrets, you are both ready to eat each other up. You’ve waited for so long and are set for the magical ride of the night. You should both relax as you wait for nature to take its course.

If the man is the one to surprise his lady, he already knows that she is under his spell. As for the lady, this is not the time to hold back, she should submit. This is to say that she should totally let herself go.

Vaginal Tightening to Restore Happiness

Tight Vagina 04

Having a tight vaginal area is important for ladies because this is linked to the enjoyment they feel throughout lovemaking and to other health aspects like urinary incontinence.

Unfortunately, during a lady’s life, there may be situations that result in a Tight Vagina 05loose vaginal area and make them feel not comfy with themselves. The most vital issues that females who have lost their vaginal tightness is associated with their love life.

Besides that they do not feel as great as they used to feel, they are also disappointed because they imagine that they can’t please their partner any longer. In most of the cases, this aggravation is not unrealistic. A loose vaginal area can lessen pleasure for both partners. However, the circumstances that result in this change are not controlled at all times. Sometimes it occurs with age, but in a lot of the cases it occurs after childbirth. After all, it is a natural thing to occur because the vaginal muscles are subjected to a great deal of stress when delivering, and they cannot get back their original shape later on.

Tight Vagina 06A loose vaginal area, besides making a lady feel unpleasant and besides minimizing her cravings for lovemaking, may also indicate other issues like vaginal dryness or unusual discharges. In some cases, the circumstance makes the woman more susceptible to bacterial infections and also provokes an undesirable smell in the genital area. It’s a sure thing: a tight vagina is every woman’s dream after she has delivered an infant or suffered other physical changes.

Hope is not lost for such females since solutions to this problem exist. One can choose surgery in order to tighten theTight Vagina 04 vagina walls, but this scares a majority of females. A simpler alternative would be the usage of a vaginal tightening cream. There are different creams readily available on the market, and some of them use herbal components, so are much safer for the delicate bodies of women.

A tightening vaginal cream will return joy in the love life of a woman facing the issue of a loose vagina. It has the property of tightening up the vaginal walls in a matter of minutes, and extended use may also result in a long-term enhancement. It likewise fixes the unpleasant odor and the possible discharge. Most important of all, a tightening up vaginal cream will certainly increase a woman’s level of self-confidence and will certainly increase her sexual libido.

Safe Sex Escorts


sexHaving a casual encounter with an escort can be rewarding in its own way. As long as both parties have agreed on the type of services and how they will proceed with it, there should be no problems at all upon reaching the hotel room. Safe sex remains a priority in these situations, no matter how attractive or clean the escort may look like. The chance of acquiring STD’s is high for this type of trade, and so below we highlight the ways on how to have safe sex with an escort.

Using a condom is the first and foremost reminder when having sex, whether or not the girl is a casual hook-up or an escort. The protection it gives is crucial to not acquiring infections and other sexually transmitted diseases. Even if the temptation is too great or if the girl looks very clean (even if shaven and all smells fine down there), this must not be bypassed by all means. Vaginal discharge may not be present, as the woman may simply be asymptomatic with her own infection. Condom usage should be obvious when you see a different or weird discharge from the vagina. It really doesn’t matter what the brand is, or what type. Proper usage of a condom really counts as this prevents transmittal of infections and diseases by 98%.

Oral sex is also inadvisable to do to sex workers. Oral infections are common, specially herpes, HPV or Human Pappiloma Virus, and genital warts. penile oral sex is fine as long as you wear a condom, but vaginal oral sex is a complete no-no for this situation. Fingering the lady would be a good alternative to oral sex, but remember to wash your hands thoroughly before touching your own penis or even your own lips for that matter. Also watch out for blisters, mouth sores and the like before kissing, as mouth to mouth infections can occur as well. Should you also have mouth sores, or if the girl has them as well, again, avoid kissing.
Once you have done all safety precautions before and during sex, specially the proper removal of the condom, always remember to wash your genital parts properly, using anti-bacterial soap and other cleansing agents gentle to these parts. Do not forget to urinate as well, as this washes out all remaining fluids that may enter the penis. By following all these tips, you can ensure that your sexual encounter will be safe and enjoyable with the escort, and allow you to have peace of mind after the deed is done.

Best Sex Positions For Women

womMany women often do not have information on the best sex positions that fits them when having sex with their partners. However, with correct information, they can always learn on what to do thus enabling them to improve their sexual relationships. Here are the five best sex positions for women:

  1. Women on top position

In this sex position, a woman should go on top of the man where she gets to control the speed and how deep she need the man to do when having sex. One advantage of this sex position is that the woman will often have control over the man during sex. It also allows the woman to “ride” the man during sex at her own speed. Research has shown that 80 percent who have used this sex position have always reached their orgasm.

  1. Sideways Straddle

Sideways Straddle is a bit complicated but with practice, it is a perfect position that will make a woman have her orgasm faster than before. How should you do it> Have the man lie on his back with his feet flat all on the ground. A woman should crouch over the man, with her legs in between his legs. This will enable her to lower herself gently to your knees before using the hand to guide the man’s penis inside herself. With practice, this is an amazing sex position that would blow the mind of a woman.

  1. Doggy style doggy

An animalistic style of having sex, but it works perfectly. A man should enter the woman from behind by guiding his penis into the pussy of the woman. This sex position gives the man freedom to move at his own speed when having sex. This sex position is perfect especially when you need the woman to have orgasm faster.

  1. The Bridge position

You need start from the common missionary position before the woman moving her legs towards her breasts. It makes the G-spot to be in a good position for maximum stimulation. When done with practice and care, the position can a give a woman a strong G-spot orgasm.

  1. Missionary

Despite many people calling it old tradition, when practices well, Missionary is still among the best sex positions for women. Since the man is on top, he has the power to control the rate and speed at which the woman is getting the pleasure.pos2

In conclusion, the above are the best five sex positions for women especially when you need them to experience orgasm.

Top Sex Positions

posEvery couple whether they have been married for years or just got together recently, they need something new to light the spark by knowing the top sex positions that they can use in the bedroom. However, many couples do not know how they can explore themselves in different ways when it comes to sex. Therefore, if you want to spice things up in the bedroom, then jumpstart your sex life with the best position for every situation. This article will exclusively explore on top sex positions that you can use in order to satisfy your man in the bedroom.

  1. Woman on top

In the bedroom, this position drives men crazy since their hands are free to roam. Notably, your man loves having your curves in full view and when you are in this position, he will be in a position to enjoy your curves while still being intimate.

  1. Missionary

This position puts him in control while your hips are free to do all the work. Missionary allows both of you to communicate with your bodies since the best sex is like a conversation. However, this is the best position since you can lock lips and eyes with ease. Also, you can set the pace together while he is in the power position on top of you. Notably, if you want him to go deeper and slower, it is advisable for you to put your hands on his hips and guide him.

  1. Doggie style

Doggie style is a rear entry position that puts your man in control by allowing him to call the shots and go at the speed that is suitable for him. In addition, your man will feel like a king in the bedroom since this position allows him to have deeper penetration.

  1. The lap dance

Pull up a chair and let him take a seat while you get on top. However, your man will love the look and feel of you straddling him. Also, he will last longer since you will be in control and allowing him to be aggressive with his hands by rubbing your back, tugging on your back and pulling you closer. Therefore, this is the best position if you want to make eye contact, kiss, and stay super close to each other.pos3

Notably, there are various sex positions that men do not like when it comes to making love. However, if you want to spice things up in the bedroom, you can use the top sex positions that are discussed above to sexually satisfy your man.